when everyone is still asleep, only the birds are singing, early in the morning - strolling through the garden with a coffee in hand - no matter if the sun is shining or rain is drizzling down on me....... Then I feel so close to nature - the world is all right at that moment 

Even as a little girl, I felt very connected with nature. Plants, animals, minerals....... I was fascinated and felt close. I collected, exchanged, dug......   My love for the unique shapes, colours, depth, sparkle....... is unbroken to this day! No garden, no beach, no mountain was left out - in search of a little "treasure" from nature

Nature is the best designer. I live and work on the island of GOZO, which is Malta's little sister island. As a jewelry designer for my label "oceanandmorejewels" I prefer to work with naturally grown gemstones and minerals.

Curating natural materials to . Create Timeless, handmade, and one-of-a-kind pieces.  Respecting their nature and integrating them with gratitude and love is very important to me. I like to combine them with striking and geometric shapes made of silver and gold. A piece of jewellery should delight its wearer in equal measure, but also serve as a sculpture

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