is the best Designer !

One of a Kind Design

Bold, intriguing, maximalist  - Unique pieces of jewellery, created in harmony with the formation and natural growth of each mineral and/or gemstone, Respectfully curated and integrated in modern jewelry design.

Respecting their origin, creation, formation and natural beauty, contribute to the fact that each piece of jewelry becomes a unique piece of art that reflects the beauty and diversity of its own nature.

Gemstones & Leather

Leather, combined with gemstones and minerals are also a very important part of my designs. Combining  natural elements to create unique and harmoniously coordinated pieces of jewelry gives a special and individual look.

The combination of leather with gemstones and minerals also gives the individual piece a natural and organic touch and it underlines the individuals personality

They are not only a fashion accessory, but also a source of joy and inspiration for the wearer  - they can support us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Design with Amber

With its ancient history as both a fossil and a precious stone, amber hides great secrets.  I must admit that I am fascinated by this unusual stone with its warmth and translucence . It is noble and subtle. I reveales its origin, environment and "roommates" 
Amber is a very spiritual gem. It seems to capture the light and warmth of the sun within its structure, and also the vibrant, life-giving qualities of sunlight, without which, of course, none of us would even be alive. 

Did you know?

Your pieces of jewellery also speak of your personality even without you knowing it. The way you wear them, what they make you feel and how they help you improve your confidence. It all boils to your individuality and personality.

oceanandmorejewels - jewelry design by Heike D. Merz-Zurawski

Nature is the best Designer !

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